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Shoreline’s Specialty equipment

Compact Utility Loader

The Toro Dingo Wide Track Compact Utility Loader extends your versatility, while improving your productivity when faced with a variety of landscapes and ground conditions. Ideal for the type of weather Seattle homeowners deal with throughout the year.

Low-Impact footprint

The Wide Track offers hydraulic power with only 3.6 psi ground pressure, the Dingo is extremely gentle on delicate turf. Kevlar reinforced tracks disperse weight evenly for a light footprint, while delivering better traction in sandy or wet ground conditions.

Lowers restoration cost for projects that require access across existing landscaping for access.

Compact Utility Loader Attachments

Like a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for Landscaping the Dingo is designed with over 35 available, easy to switch, attachments.

From earth moving, tilling and trenching to leveling, lifting, hauling and demolishing, all Toro Dingo models can be equipped with over 35 attachments to handle an endless amount of tasks.

Accessibility and Maneuverable

Low center of gravity and large footprint increase stability on side hills and provide smooth operation over rugged terrain. On difficult sites where staging materials is labor intensive, this is the machine of choice.

Small in stature but big on power, the Dingo fits easily through gates and down narrow side yards on smaller Seattle lots.

All of this awesome power is harnessed with only 3 easy-to-use hand controls. These simple controls coupled with walk behind operator position translate into 360° visibility and instant productivity.

Hand labor is minimized because of the power, productivity, and ability to access confined areas.

Maximized maneuvering with the zero turning radius and ease of operation for optimum control, combined with the versatility of the 35+ attachments, save labor, do more and finish faster.