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Seattle’s Site Preparation

Many residents in Seattle have a passion for gardening. We are fortunate to live in an area where we have the climate to grow a wide variety of plants, which makes home gardening a great hobby.

In the past, Human Nature Landscape Design & Consulting has been contacted by numerous clients that required areas of their landscape to be renovated by adding retaining walls or patios and I have worked closely with them to prepare the areas, getting the hardscape installed and the remaining planting beds ready for new plantings. Getting these areas prepared are a bit too much work for the average home owner and may involve removal of existing concrete or overgrown plantings, which can be overwhelming for the home owner to undertake.

Many landscapes in the older parts of Seattle have mature and overgrown gardens that are in need of an upgrade. It may be a trouble area where large out of scale plants have been located and are just too big for the area they were planted. For instance that gorgeous weeping laceleaf Japanese Maple looked great by the bed near the front and along the sidewalk and now that beautiful specimen is crowding the walk and remembering that 15 years ago it was the most expensive plant on the plant list. Now one option is to prune it off the walk, but in doing so would destroy the symmetry of the plant. Another option is to transplant it to an area where it will be able to grow without the eventual need for major pruning.

Some new homes have front landscaping that the builder has implemented as part of the new home purchase. More often than not these areas have not been properly prepared and plants have been located in areas where after a few years will outgrow the space where they were planted or are on steady decline or slow death. Lawns have been installed without the proper soil preparation, and are doomed to be unsuccessful, no matter the level of maintenance.

Regardless of the situation, the proper grading, soil preparation, and plant selection are vital to a successful landscape project. Arranging a consultation with Human Nature Landscape Design & Consulting will evaluate the necessity for correcting drainage issues and directing storm water runoff, identify existing plants that are desirable, the need for removal of existing plants, or transplanting desirable plants to new areas of the landscape.

Buildings are constructed on good solid foundations and a solid site preparation is the foundation on which beautiful landscapes will flourish.

Contact Human Nature Landscape Design & Consulting and allow us the opportunity to help you with your site preparation, landscape renovation, or adding that special touch to make your landscape awe inspiring.